Don’t let the initials in front of my name deceive you. As a young enlisted member, I didn’t always make smart decisions when it came to my money. Research has indicated 56% of enlisted personnel experience financial difficulties. Unfortunately, during my early years of military service, I was part of that statistic. After securing a high-interest loan, I purchased my first car although I didn’t know how to drive it. On top of that, I maxed out the limits on all my department store credit cards. All of that behavior changed when I became a single mother. I didn’t want to continue being out of control when it came to my finances. Instead, I wanted to focus on providing a happy and stable life for my daughter who was later diagnosed with Autism. I wanted to ensure that when I transitioned out of the military, I only accepted a job if I wanted to, not because I had to.

​I truly believe that knowledge is power, so I began reading personal financial books, attending financial seminars, and listening/watching shows by money experts such as Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. By the time I earned my MBA and became a commissioned officer in 2002, I had paid off over $24,000 in consumer debt. Currently, I own two homes free and clear by paying off $3oo,ooo in mortgage debt, I paid cash for a car, and I am a work-from-home mom. In my opinion, that's financial freedom!

​All these experiences provided the foundation for the creation of Financial Freedom Battle Buddies. My passion is to support and educate other women veterans on how to get a firm grip on their money. With persistence and perseverance, my clients will begin telling their money what to do instead of the lack of money telling them what they cannot do. I am living proof, that women can have prosperous financial lives within or outside of the military. As your personal battle buddy, we can begin the journey to financial freedom by conquering your money together!

Dr. Antoinette (Ann) James- Founder 
Dr. Ann founded Financial Freedom Battle Buddies to help her fellow women veterans take back control and win the fight over their money. Early in her military career, she was exposed to valuable personal finance lessons which allowed her to overcome numerous money pitfalls after becoming a single mother. 
As a Iraq War Veteran, she  managed multi-million dollar operating budgets while serving as a Financial Officer. In 2011, after serving 21 years, Dr. Ann retired from the Air Force  and successfully transitioned to civilian life. As a proclaimed life learner, she returned to school and earned her Doctorate of Education from Grand Canyon University in 2017. In order to further expand her ability to provide sound financial guidance and education, in 2019 she earned the distinguished gold standard of becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor.  

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Ann’s Many Roles

Proud Mom $ Financial Coach $ Air Force Veteran $ Doctor of Education $ Travel Lover

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