Duration: 30 minutes

Investment: Free 

I understand that talking about

money is very personal in nature and I want you to feel at ease.

During our session, we focus on any struggles you are currently experiencing and how coaching can work for your situation. 


Are we a good fit to become financial battle buddies? Are ready for transformation? Let's chat about it!




Duration: 2 hours

Investment: $299

You will leave with your marching orders on how to take back control of your money.

This session will provide you with a personalized plan for allocating every dollar, attacking debt, and establishing a peace of mind savings strategy to attain a worry free military/civilian financial life.

With a made up mind and a action plan in hand, you can begin winning the battle over your  money. 



Duration: Varies by Organization

Investment: Based on Length

FFBB is veteran-owned and understands the importance of financial well-being to mission readiness. FFBB can conduct in-house seminars or provide lessons to any size organization.


Presentations can be geared toward all military branches, veteran service organizations, and civilian institutions.



Are you in desperate need of a battle plan that puts you back in control of your money? During our Money Battle Plan session, your personal finance battle buddy will evaluate your complete financial situation and work directly with you to establish a client-driven strategic plan of solutions needed to climb out of the money trenches. This step by step plan is personalized to fit your individual needs and future goals. 

Before your one-on-one session, you will complete a few forms in order to establish an overall picture of your current financial lifestyle. This initial step allows your battle buddy to comprehend your starting position. The data collected will serve as the foundation for creating a customized money battle plan geared towards you taking the first steps needed to achieve confidence, clarity, and financial freedom. 


With the Money Battle Plan session you will:

  • Gain control of your money instead of your money controlling you. 

  • Implement proven debt payoff strategies and begin strategically attacking debt.

  • Establish a savings plan that provides peace and stability.

  • Get organized and identify all expenses so you're no longer caught off guard.

  • Recognize your primary challenges and begin to change your money mindset.

  • Discover your inner strength and conquer your finances.

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